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Teresa Peng and Jacqui Wang collaborate with their clients to develop elegant, carefully-crafted spaces that marry the contemporary with the timeless and the spontaneous with the refined. Our projects include an eclectic range of Art Deco houses, Minimalist apartments and Arts & Crafts hospitality spaces, yet the projects never feels confined to a certain period or style.

Core to our philosophy is the ability to move with versatility through architecture, interiors, styling, visualisation, project management and branding within an ethos of an incomparable client journey.

Our ambition is to ensure that both the outcome and experience is exquisite. We conceive each project passionately and believe in what we do. Through exploring what it is that heightens the human experience, our projects will have its unique narrative that demonstrates the client's aspirations.

Having strong relationships with a network of builders, suppliers, and artists allow MOYA & CO's vision to be executed seamlessly from design to construction - making sure our projects complete with excellence. 

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